What is a LOT?
By definition, a LOT is a group of similar items sold together to one buyer.  So in our case...it's children’s gently-worn clothing that’s the same gender, size and season. Essentially a season’s worth of children's clothing sold in a single transaction.

FAQs for Buyers

May I purchase individual items from a LOT?

We only sell by the LOT.  The price includes all of the items in the listing.

How much is shipping?

The list price includes shipping for the contiguous United States.  The buyer does not pay an additional shipping fee.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, shipping is only available within the US.  We do ship to all APO/FPO addresses.

How does Loteda define gently-worn?

Gently-worn clothing may show a little wear, however is still in excellent condition.  No obvious stains, holes, rips, excessive wash/wear, missing pieces, alterations, odors and/or pet hair.

How do I know if the seller's home is smoke-free?

We only accept clothes from smoke-free homes. 

I have a question about an item in a LOT.  May I contact the seller?

Please contact us with your question. We will work with the seller to get you an answer.

If I add a LOT to my shopping cart, will it be reserved for me to purchase at any time?

Due to the fact that there is only one of each LOT available, the checkout is first come, first serve.  If you add a LOT to your shopping cart, checkout quickly as the LOT will not be restricted from others purchasing at any time.  

What if I want to return my order?

Please contact us within 3 days of delivery. Read our Return Policy for details.


FAQs for Sellers

What type of items may I sell?

At this time, we're focused on children's clothing, size newborn through 5T/5.  We do not accept underwear or non-clothing items such as toys, books and gear.  For a complete list of restricted brands and items, please review step 1 in our Selling Guide.

How do I become a seller?

It's easy!  Fill out a request here.

May I sell from outside the US?

At this time, Loteda is only available to sellers and buyers located in the US.

How does Loteda define gently-worn?

Gently-worn clothing may show a little wear, however is still in excellent condition. No obvious stains, holes, rips, excessive wash/wear, missing pieces, alterations, odors and/or pet hair.

How do I get started?

First you'll want to make sure your children's gently-worn clothing meets our requirements. To learn what we do and do not accept, please read step 1 in our Selling Guide.

What is the minimum and maximum number of pieces accepted?

The minimum is 20 pieces.  We do not have a maximum number of pieces per se.  However our limit is 3 bags per seller and each bag holds approximately a laundry basket worth of clothes. If you need more bags, we'll send them out as soon as the first 3 bags are received and processed.

What are the fees?

We'll cover the cost of shipping your clothes to us.  Once your LOT sells, we keep 40% of the final LOT sale price to cover costs associated with marketing and providing a seamless user experience.

I’ve shipped my clothes to Loteda, now what?

Sit back and relax, we’ll take care of everything from here!  This includes organizing your clothes into LOTS, photographing, pricing, listing and shipping when a LOT sells.  You’ll hear from us throughout the process such as when your LOTS are listed, when a LOT sells, and when your earnings check is on it’s way.

What if I send items that do not meet Loteda’s standards and requirements?

Any items we receive that do not meet our requirements (see step 1 in our Selling Guide) will be donated, unless you would like to pay for them to be returned.  We will email you with the option.

How does Loteda create LOTS?

All of our listings are separated by gender and size and depending on the number of items sent in, by season and/or style as well.  Unfortunately, we can't update previous listings with additional pieces if the same gender/size is sent in at a later date.

What if I disagree with the listing (i.e. price, LOT arrangement, etc.)?

Our experienced team organizes and competitively prices based on the brands, season, condition, style and demand.  We also take into consideration the retail and resale value and strive to give you the highest return possible.  It's important to us that you're happy with your listing, so please contact us if you have any questions/concerns.

How are my earnings calculated? 

The price listed on the site (i.e. listing price) is the LOT sale price + shipping.  You’ll earn 60% of the LOT sale price. We retain the shipping fee to generate the shipping label.  

Do sales and discounts come out of my earnings?

No, you will still earn 60% of the final LOT sale price.

What if the buyer wants to return the LOT?

No worries...you will not need to do anything. We will take full responsibility for all returns and will not deduct any refunds from your earnings check. Feel free to read our Return Policy for more information.

What if my LOT isn’t selling?

If your LOT doesn't sell within an extended period of time, we will contact you to discuss next steps. Next steps may include an offer from Loteda to purchase some or all of the clothes, a shipping estimate if you would like to pay for us to return the clothes or the option for us to donate them.

What if I want to list myself?

Due to the popularity of our full-service program, we've paused our self-service listing program. We hope to bring this option back in the future, so sign up to receive our emails and we'll keep you posted.

Have a question we didn’t answer?  Please contact us.